Online Alternative High School Program in Iowa

Many youths in Iowa struggle with traditional schooling, especially if they are at-risk at home or in their personal lives. The goal of Iowa Net High Academy is to help these youth find an education program that works for them. With our online alternative high school program, we will help teens find their love of learning and avoid living the life of a high school dropout.

Our Alternative High School Program

We partner with many school districts and youth programs to help those who are struggling. Whether the teen is hungry and homeless or suffers from learning disabilities or behavioral issues, everyone is different. With our online program, we tailor our classes and lessons to the needs of each student.

We have developed our curriculum around the Common Core standards, but we've also added plenty of community service learning activities, and we make sure to personalize each students' curriculum around their career goals and their hopes.

Plus, because our program is online, students don't have to go anywhere; they can enjoy our program from wherever is most comfortable for them.

Our teachers are extremely qualified and trained to help students learn and recognize the best in themselves. Our staff doesn't just drone on about math or science - they address the social and emotional needs of each student as well.

Our goal is to help at-risk teens experience the high school learning that they need to start life off on the right foot.

Our Company

Iowa Net High Academy was started in 2010 with only one school and four teachers. Now, in 2020, we serve 37 school districts in Iowa and have helped dozens of students graduate from high school. We're dedicated and committed to helping at-risk students and students who want to drop out.

If you want to see how we can help you, contact us at 515-428-1478.

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